Our investment in you!

With the 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to worry about. If you don’t get a job within 1 year of completing the course you get all the money paid so far in refund. All we expect from you is to be diligent in attending lectures and completing assignments and tests.

Despite adhering to the program requirements if you do not get a job of minimum committed value, we will refund the amount that you have paid for the course to us!

Ankit Maggu


Eligibility criteria to claim the guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee which becomes applicable when you

1. Attended the lectures regularly and maintain atleast 75% attendance (average)

2. Attempted 75% of the assignments with more than 50% score (average)

3. Cleared all the Module Clearance Test with atleast 50% score (average)

4. Completed all the modules within 12 months of starting the program

5. Participate fairly in the hiring process of the companies

6. Opt for upfront payment

7. Do not get a job of more than the minimum committed CTC within 12 months of completing the course

Terms of the guarantee

This guarantee will be void if you fail to comply with any of the eligibility conditions or the ones mentioned below:


You voluntarily accept a job of less than the committed CTC during the course of your agreement with us (course completion time + 12 months)


You do not respond to our communications (phone/email) for over a month without any intimation via email


You do not apply for 3 or more job opportunities shared by us despite being eligible for them


You do not accept an opportunity that pays above the minimum committed CTC despite being selected for it (getting an offer letter is considered selection)


You must be able to pass any background check from your previous employers/institutes. In case you fail to pass the background check associated with the job offer, you will not be eligible for the program fee refund.


You must be eligible to legally work in India. You must have a valid PAN Card and Aadhar Card. You should have valid marks sheet and degree to validate your degree.

(NOTE: In case you are in final your year of college, then the last semester marks sheet and proof from your college mentioning the month and year of graduation from college is required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you meet the predefined criteria throughout the course and yet do not get a job till the end of referral period, we refund 100% of the money. If you study diligently there is no reason for you to not get a job.

Your first EMI will start from Module 2 i.e. 2nd Month.

Yes, you can apply to multiple companies/job opportunities.

We start referring you from the 5th month depending on your progress in the program.

We will counsel you about what's best for you but ultimately the choice will be yours to join or not.

No, the fee is fixed. Your monthly fee payment will increase which will help you pay out the total fee in fewer months.You can check monthly fee payment using the calculator above.

Referral period starts from the day you join Geekster and ends a year after your program ends. We give you job referrals in this duration

Yes. You can apply to a job with a higher package even if you have already been selected for a job. We want you to get the best jobs out there and will always help you in it