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Earn part-time income

If you're passionate about contributing to learners' lives in any way, you can join Geekster, share your expertise and get monetary benefits in return.

Be a proud contributor

You would be able to see the direct impact of your contributions in the form of happy and successful learners. The joy of helping someone succeed is beyond words.

Amplify your learnings

You can polish your skills and get first-hand insights into the latest trends and technologies in education from other partners.

Build networks & explore more opportunities

You'd be able to connect with hundreds of contributors within Geekster. And you use this opportunity to share best practices, collaborate on projects, and excel in your career.

Receive truckload of gratitude & respect from learners

As a facilitator, you would be respected and thanked profusely by the learners for your invaluable contributions.


Proficient in DSA and subjects you wish to take.


Ability to explain concepts in an easy to understand manner.


Passionate about creating impact via education.


Your Responsibilities as

  • Teach learners online in an engaging manner.
  • Design and develop new courses/curriculum as needed.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends so that courses reflect current practices.
  • Encourage students to be active learners and participate in online sessions.
CounselorEducator Associate
  • Solve learner`s doubts using various communication channels.
  • Help learners understand the learning process.
  • Gather feedback from learners and pass it on to the educator.
  • Discus course progress with the learners and understand their requirements.
CommunicateMock Interviewer
  • Emulate a real interview-like environment for learners.
  • Conduct Interviews of different types & difficulty levels.
  • Provide feedback based on their performance.
  • Encourage learners to practice more to sharpen their interview skills.
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Our Tutors & Mentors
Geekster Mentor Sahil Miglani
Sahil Miglani
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Geekster Mentor Bittoo Aggarwal
Bittoo Aggarwal
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Geekster Mentor Vikas Ranjan
Vikas Ranjan
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Geekster Mentor Ankit Chawla
Ankit Chawla
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Geekster Mentor Archit Agarwal
Archit Agarwal
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Geekster Mentor Samrat Bhardwaj
Samrat bhardwaj
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Geekster Mentor Vidyashree Muralidhara
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Geekster Mentor Kartikeya
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Geekster Mentor Shubh Bansal
Shubh Bhansal
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Geekster Mentor Akarsh
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Geekster Mentor Ayush Sinha
Ayush Sinha
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Geekster Mentor Kartik Rai
Kartik Rai
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Hear it from Our Learners
Many learners have already experienced success and are eager to share something helpful with you that may transform your life.
Geekster Student Gajendra Malviya placed at riskcovry
Gajendra Malviya
Riskcovry logo
quote leftFrom '0 offers' to 'multiple offers, that has been my journey at Geekster. My happiness multiplies when I see my proud family. It is the learnings and guidance I received during the course that had brought me success.
. . .
Geekster Student Utkarsh Singh placed at Bluewud
Utkarsh Singh
Bluewud logo
quote leftGeekster taught me in months what years of college work couldn't teach me. They honed my technical and non-technical skills, build my confidence and gave me a flavor of what it would look like working in the industry. The mock interviews gruelled me a lot before the actual interview and hence I went to interview knowing what to expect. Today I am successfully placed a a software developer at Bluewud
. . .