A lot of Happy


Geekster Student Chetan placed at Societe Generale
Expert tutors, excellent courses, and a guranteed job.. That's Geekster for you! Will highly recommend it to all my friends looking for a job or a switch.
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Jalal Uddin SK
After taking so many courses from different institutes, I realized that no one takes full responsibility for their students. They can refer you only for the junior positions with less pay. But Geekster is different. It charges 2 lakh rupees from you but provides you with everything you need to succeed in your career.
Geekster Student Karan Kishore Bairagi placed at Analytic Edge
Karan Kishore Bairagi
I had an awesome experience at Geekster and I can proudly say that my technical and soft-skills have improved drastically and helped me get a job. The trainers and mentors are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to help students. They are easily accessible and ready to guide us and clear all our doubts.
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Karthikeyan Palani
I've constantly been looking for a good company, and Geekster helped me upgrade my skills. Once I finished the course I had job offers from some top brands.